Testimonial 1:
In October of 1983, some very good fortune came my way.  My husband and I became Dr. Eric Gladstein’s clients.  The good fortune has followed us from that time because of the palpable positive affect his style of dentistry and management has had on our well-being and oral health.

Dr. Eric’s intellectual acumen, unquenchable curiosity, expectation for success and  vast amount of innate ability combine to create a climate that we feel very comfortable visiting. He is gifted, modestly acknowledges it, and most significantly, takes advantage of his abilities to share knowledge, handle situations with integrity and deal with individuals at all levels, very naturally and effectively.

High expectations are evident from the moment the office door opens.  The  Gladstein Dental Center runs smoothly; each staff person is sharp, extremely adept and personable in fulfilling their individual roles.  Nothing else would be acceptable.

Our family has benefited greatly from a vested interest in seeking  and maintaining an excellent dental health care practitioner; one investment that has only increased in value. That being said, I know that  when one of us visits Dr. Eric Gladstein, that the nothing less than five star care from beginning to end will be provided… that is most comforting.

Barbara Luchansky

Testimonial 2:
I have been a patient of Dr. Gladstein's since August 1985. A friend recommended him and I'm glad she did. I had been to numerous other dentists and finally found someone I could trust and who did quality work that lasts. Four crowns needed replacement (previous work) and I had gum disease (I was 29!) I still have the same crowns from Dr. Gladstein. My three children also received excellent dental care. When my daughters needed braces Dr. Gladstein worked with the orthodontist to ensure the utmost care. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Gladstein's Dental Center.
Jackie S.
New Britain


Testimonial 3:

I have complete confidence in Dr. Eric Gladstein and his staff.  I have recommened this practice to several friends and colleagues and they are all grateful and delighted to have switched to such a professional and friendly place.

Years ago, I owned a crown and bridge dental laboratory.  Compared with other dental practices, Dr. Gladstein's preparations for crowns, and bridges were outstanding.  His work and the models were always perfect.  He was a dream account because as a lab technician I am able to provide better and longer lasting crowns when the dentist's work is better.

Many dentists may have the chair side manner and they may have attended the best dental schools, as Dr. Gladstein, but they don't have the hand-eye coordination and take the time to make every case perfect.  Dr. Gladstein also has the patience to properly train the staff to be professional and how to handle each procedure properly.

Dr. Gladstein has the complete combination of skill, intellect, and the ability to put you at ease..  He and his staff are efficient and friendly and I look forward to seeing them each visit.

Dr. Gladstein also has the intellectual abililty and academic curiousity to keep current with the latest in dental developments, but carefully researches the benefits for the patients before making any professional changes.  He has integrity, and it very apparent he expects high professional standards from himself and his staff.

Phyllis Shimoda


Testimonial 3:

Dr. Gladstein and his staff are the best.  They provide super high quality care and he and the staff really care about taking good care of the patients.  I have worked in multiple offices, and now help run a large dental practice, but I still see Dr. Gladstein for my own treatment because I know first hand that he is the best.

Michelle K


Testimonial 4:

This summer after much thought, I explored the idea of cosmetic dental treatment for a nicer and brighter smile.  Dr. Gladstein discussed my options to establish what route to take.

I really wanted my smile to look perfect, and was willing to spend the time and money to make it look great.  I put my trust in Dr. Eric Gladstein because his expertise in dentistry is so over the top.  The process involved many hours of treatment.  He and his staff were wonderful.  His staff is friendly, extremely qualified, and was very attentive to my needs.

Dr. Gladsten has been my dentist for much of my life and I have never been dissatified with any procedure he has done.  He stands behind his work and believe me when you leave you know you've had the best.

I now have a beautiful smile wth perfect white teeth that look natural and it feels great.  I love my new smile and so do my family and friends.

My sincere thanks,

Gloria M